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A child is never forced to have an acupuncture treatment as there are several other non-needle treatment techniques that I may use. The treatment for children is very different than treatments for adults. It is much quicker and can last 15-30 minutes, depending on the age and condition of the child. They often enjoy the process and tend to find it very fun.


My favourite methods are Shonishin and Mubum Dashin, both Japanese techniques. These methods are painless, non-invasive, light and gentle, although very effective.   


Shonishin is a technique that consists of gentle tapping, pressing or brushing on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s energy system and restore health. Shonishin literally translates to sho-little, ni-children, and shim-needle. 


Mubun Dashin Jyutsu involves tapping wood round-tip needles with a mallet but without inserting the needles and it involves only an approach to the abdominal wall. The unique sound/vibration produced by the tapping produces effects.


A third technique that I like to use with children is Tuina, which also uses acupuncture points that are gently stimulated by hand. In fact, all illnesses are the result of disturbance to the normal flow of Qi and using these techniques we can restore this flow to treat the most common health problems of the little ones.

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