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Stroke and Neuro Rehabilitation

According to statistics published by the American Heart Association, the global prevalence of stroke in 2019 was 101.5 million people. Of these, 6,6 million died and another 6 million were left permanently disabled.

Stroke is the third most common cause of death in developed countries, exceeded only by coronary heart disease and cancer.

If you’ve had a stroke, it’s important to reduce inflammation and increase the range of motion in your affected limbs. The treatment involves a group of different therapies, which may include Acupuncture.


The use of acupuncture in stroke rehabilitation is the most fruitful and dynamic field in the science of acupuncture, because its good therapeutic effects. Through centuries of exploration, acupuncture have developed sophisticated techniques with standardised manipulation, serving as a unique medical resource in China.

As an integrative therapy, when acupuncture is introduced at earlier stages, the occurrence and development of the sequelae are better controlled (Fan and Wang, 2010).

Acupuncture Stroke Ottawa
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